About Broadhorn

roadhorn Church, School, and Farm have been important community centers since the 1800s. ​The one room schoolhouse pictured on the right predates the church. Students from the surrounding community would walk, ride their horses, and come by Model T and tractor to class. The School House was later moved intact to Indianola where it resides.

Broadhorn has been a sacred community since 1884. ​The current church building was opened in 1913 and have been in continual usage since then.​

Homestead. The United States Government homesteaded the farm to Henry Kelly in 1856. “Comprising of good farmland in the District of Broadhorn.”

​​In 1884, the farm was acquired by J.S. Crawford. The Crawford family and their descendants continuously owned the land until 2007. Brian Donaghy acquired the land has been steward of the property since.​

What does Broadhorn mean?

A Broadhorn is a flat boat used to navigate rivers such as the Ohio and Mississippi. The only literature references to broadhorns are to Abraham Lincoln piloting a broadhorn down the Mississippi ​in his biography by Edith Elias.​