Broadhorn Village

Broadhorn grounds include the Lodge, Church, Groves, Ponds, and miles of nature trial through our arboretum.

Broadhorn Village

Broadhorn Village is the Sacred Community surrounding Broadhorn Center. The property includes 12 ½-Acre Garden Home Sites and 4 2-Acre Home Practice Sites.  Community features include Broadhorn Center retreat outdoor facilities, Sustainable living practices such as permaculture and gardens, shared resources, low carbon footprint, Fiber optic internet and property wide Wi-Fi, Spring water wells, miles of nature trail, arboretum, and Sacred Community Homeowners Association.  ​

Home Practice Sites include

Home Practice Sites Available

• 2 Acres of Land Owned by Home Practitioner
• ​Land borders Broadhorn Center like Country Club​
• Broadhorn Center full privileges and access
​• Broadhorn Center rental discounts for your practice​
• Sacred Community Homeowners Association
​• 1 Sacred Community HOA Board Seat
• ​Buy-Sell Agreement for simple sale​
• Available Utilities: Spring Well and Rural Water, Fiber Optic Internet, Clark Electric Service, Agriland LP, J&L Sanitation​
• Home Practice Site 1: 2.3 acres $130,000​
• Home Practice Site 2: 2.1 acres $120,000
• ​Home Practice Site 3: 2.0 acres $110,000
• ​Home Practice Site 4: 2.3 acres $100,000​
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